Anzac Road Townhouses

Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia

The investor and the owner-occupier: the two sides of a family redevelopment in vibrant Mount Hawthorn.

This project was commissioned by a private family client with unique requirements. A father-daughter duo, they wanted to redevelop their large Mount Hawthorn property into two new lots, each with its own brief.

The lot was appropriately zoned so we assisted the family in getting the subdivision approved. The two new lots would each contain a two-storey townhouse, one as an investment property for the father Winston, and the other to be owner-occupied by his daughter Kate. We designed both townhouses to complement each other in style and appearance, but left enough flexibility to allow each to be customised. Kate’s is the smaller home, with a much tighter budget, and we worked closely with her to tailor the design to her requirements. We kept her master bedroom at the rear, away from the busy street, and included a small balcony overlooking the garden. The courtyard and most of the glazing in the home face north to make the most of the winter sun, and the east-west aspects are minimised to protect the home from the summer heat. She wanted a connection with the neighbourhood as well as an outdoor entertaining area, so we converted the top of the carport into an open roof terrace. Kate also chose a slightly different colour scheme of warmer timber tones, which differentiates the homes from the street.

Winston’s investment townhouse is slightly larger, with more bedrooms and different choices in finishes and fittings. Where Kate chose polished concrete floors as a low-cost, low-maintenance option for her home, Winston selected boards and tiles for a more a textured look. We also maintained a spacious feeling within both townhouses with full-height ceilings and central voids, which open up the living spaces.