Bertucci Residence

South Perth, Western Australia

A spacious family home with a private window on the city across the water.

Like many South Perth homes, this residence is situated on a sloping block and enjoys the best of the riverside, the suburbs and city. The Bertucci family fell in love with the property’s dramatic views of the Perth skyline and the Swan River, and wanted a family home that would feel both sheltered and spacious.
Our challenge was to bring in the stunning views without bringing in the noise and chaos of the busy road as well. We used the slope of the block to create a tri-level stepped design, with the more utilitarian areas situated downstairs. Upstairs, where the family spend most of their time, the living areas and bedrooms enjoy a more peaceful, raised aspect which looks out to the river and the sky with floor-to-ceiling windows. The western wing was designed as a figurative and literal ‘telescope’, an elevated corridor of open space which soars above the lower structure to frame and capture the view. This raised wing also allowed for a free-plan undercroft connecting the foreshore to the rear courtyard. The hull-shaped eastern wing is a playful nod to the riverside location as well as an embodiment of the ‘shelter’ the owners sought; there is a feeling of security and sanctuary in the rooms beneath its protective curve.
While the owners had very clean, contemporary tastes, they also wanted their family home to be warm and welcoming. We chose natural stone, zinc and timber to create texture and a more relaxed feel, and suffused the living areas with ample natural light to create a sense of softness and warmth.