3 Kathleen Avenue, Maylands, Western Australia

A new approach to development design, with all the freedom of apartment living and none of the nuisance.

Completed: Construction Due to Commence in 2016

Size: 1560m/sq

Filters: Multi Residential / Suburban / Urban

A long site stretching between Kathleen Avenue and Peninsula Road in Maylands offered the perfect blank canvas for the Botanical development. The site’s location, between the riverfront parkland and the vibrant Maylands town centre, lent itself to an open ‘campus’ style design which would also appeal to the area’s young professional demographic.

The complex is small, numbering 15 units, and is divided into a series of pavilions, each containing four to six apartments. This gives each apartment a sense of independence and privacy, as well as allowing each ample space and unimpeded access to light, open air and views of the grounds outside. Parking is located beneath each pavilion, allowing us to create a spacious garden landscape for the common areas. Brickwork and timber privacy screens bring a sense of warmth and texture to the exterior, in contrast to the smooth white render which lends the complex a clean, Modernist edge.

Botanical is designed to eliminate the common nuisances of apartment living. High ceilings and large sliding doors open up the interiors and allow natural light and ventilation into the heart of the building. Balconies are generous and positioned for privacy, and each unit is adjoined by no more than two others. Spaces for clothes drying and utility services are carefully screened and kept out of the main living areas. High performance stainless steel appliances, along with European fittings, finishes and fixtures come as standard, ensuring that the apartments will maintain their original quality for years to come.

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