C House

Commercial Road, Shenton Park

Inspired by 1950’s Danish design, this ‘pavilion in the garden’ is a model of contemporary aesthetics and sustainability – with plenty of room to play for a young family.

A new home for a young family, this project brought together the living spaces and the garden in a contemporary two-level design. The owners were inspired by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen’s houses of the late 1950’s, and together with them we developed a ‘pavilion in the garden’ concept.
The home’s defining feature is a plywood plane folded and curved over into a ‘C’ shape on the upper level, a playful reference to the owner’s surname. The private areas of the home are sheltered within this curve, which opens above the garden and pool. The heart of the home on the lower level is open plan to match the rhythms of family life with young children, combining the living/dining/kitchen area and playroom. Built-in window seating and covered transition spaces draw the living spaces outside, and in response the garden becomes a series of outdoor rooms to be explored.
The house follows the site’s natural slope, and is a showcase of what can be achieved with sustainable technologies and design. High level windows and extensive glazing on the north side make the most of the winter sun and draw pond-cooled air through the interior in summer. A 5kW photo-voltaic array meets all of the family’s energy needs and a 15,000L underground tank collects rain for the garden and toilet.