Chindarsi Architects Office

Old Smith Street Deli, Smith Street, Highgate, Western Australia

Creating a space for creating spaces – the Chindarsi Architects Office.

The refit of an old Highgate corner deli into Chindarsi Architects’ own offices carried particular weight for us. We wanted to create a space that was not only a showcase of our ability, but also a demonstration of how important architectural design is as part of a business identity and brand.

It was important for the office to reflect our collaborative approach, with areas for the team to come together around common creative projects – we needed to create a space for creating spaces. Inside, the practice is open plan, to break down the traditional ‘cells’ of office spaces, with separate areas defined by lighting and cabinetry rather than partitions. We had our tables custom designed to be fit-for-purpose as workstations or meeting tables, and built them from structural steel. Coloured wall-planes offer privacy and seclusion for solitary work, without putting up boundaries to group input.

We worked closely with graphic designer Steve Binnie to develop the visual identity and signage elements of the building. The iconic corner deli shape was retained, and the original signage was preserved and remains visible through the new paintwork.