Connections Nightclub – Roof Terrace

James Street, Northbridge, Western Australia

A disused space behind the famous club’s old offices takes on new life as a vibrant roof terrace – with one of the best views in Perth.

Connections Nightclub is an institution in Perth and, like all timeless icons, it has reinvented itself several times over the years. A previous extension we’d done to the existing balcony proved extremely popular, and the owners were looking for a way to create more outside space. Alongside the stunning city views, it would also offer an open-air place for people to smoke – a necessity in Perth clubs with the introduction of new smoking regulations.

We were aware of a disused roof space behind the club’s back-of-house offices, and developed a design around transforming it into a sizeable roof terrace. The concept was to create a simple, welcoming open-air space with a relaxed atmosphere, in keeping with the club’s loyal clientele. We started with a sturdy concrete platform supported by steel columns, engineered to support loads many times the capacity of the space. The resulting terrace has a tucked-away, intimate feel thanks to the surrounding buildings and old brick surfaces, which we emulated with new walls in recycled brick and contrasting grey concrete block.

Timber decking and coloured party lights added the finishing touches to the casual backyard atmosphere the owners were looking for. With its back to the busy club and its face to the sky, the new rooftop terrace has proved a huge success – and boasts possibly the best city skyline views of any club in Perth.