Connections Nightclub – Stage One

James Street, Northbridge, Western Australia

Intimate meets extravagant, as one of Perth’s most iconic clubs takes the first step in a glamorous transformation.

Connections Nightclub has been an institution in Perth for decades, and has become necessarily skilled at transforming itself to meet the needs of its clientele. With patrons from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and music tastes, Connections was looking to create a more open, inclusive space with a sophisticated feel – and a little drama, of course.

This project was the first stage in a much wider transformation, which continued with the club’s 2007 rooftop terrace addition, also designed by Chindarsi. The re-fit, developed in collaboration with Matthew Palmen, incorporated the popular dance floor and upstairs lounge areas as well as the small rear balcony. The owners had a modest $40k budget, so we also needed to manage costs, with a focus on simplicity and low-maintenance, quality materials. We kept the intimate feeling of the upstairs section with changes to the floor level, which also allowed better views of the dance floor and the performance stage. The transition to the open main area now steps down in wide landings to offer more ‘loitering’ room at different heights, to facilitate better social dynamics and all-important eye contact between patrons.

The finishes are carefully selected to give the club a feeling of extravagance, without overpowering the experience of the music and entertainment. A choice of paint and materials in shades of deep blue gives the surroundings a sense of sumptuousness and mystery. In contrast, slick red PVC wall panels give the upstairs section an edgier atmosphere, a little removed from the dance floor. We tied the different areas together and added a touch of decadence with details and features in gold leaf.