DeSilva Residence

South Perth

A stately home on the waterfront, with a grand aesthetic to match the spectacular view.

This truly unique home in South Perth boasts some of the best river and city views we’ve seen. The owners wanted a large, stately home that would comfortably house not only them and their two children, but also their parents, who often stayed to spend time with the family. To complicate the design process, the lot was located in an estate with a height limit caveat and design guidelines from the mid-1980s which prescribed a Tuscan-style aesthetic – which was not to the owners’ tastes.

Sumptuous from the outset, our design re-imagined the Mediterranean forms of the guidelines into a more Hamptons style, and borrowing heavily from grand Georgian homes. The owners loved the aesthetic and selected a lot of the finishes and hardware themselves from the USA. They also worked closely with the carpenter on the beautifully detailed mouldings and panelling, which give depth and dimension to the soaring internal spaces. We took care to provide ample amenity for the multi-generational family with separate wings for the master suite and living/study areas, a guest suite, a sizeable garage, plenty of storage and provision for a future lift.

The home makes the most of its stunning location. The roof terrace takes in the river views and offers an intimate experience of the city lights reflected in the water at night. Proportion and balance were also very important with this sort of design, to avoid it becoming overpowering. The solidity of stone and wood are carefully balanced with high ceilings and abundant light, as well as the exquisite hand-crafted details and wall panelling. The central stair void makes a feature of the light itself, crowned with a coffered glass skylight and hanging chandelier, which lend different moods to the house at different times of day.