Dunblane Road Residence

Floreat, Western Australia

A contemporary family home built around contemporary family life.

Owned by a property developer and builder, this is a contemporary home built around contemporary family life. The owners are a busy family with school-age children and they wanted a house with plenty of room for enjoying the outdoors and entertaining – but also separate, more private areas just for the family and the kids.
Height and light were the principal concerns with the design. An open central staircase and high level window give the lower level an airy, luminous quality. The covered alfresco is elevated from the lawn and the glass-framed pool area is a reflection of the clear WA sky. We used a mix of urban materials and textural elements to accentuate the spacious quality of the house, rather than trying to contain it. Delicate glass and steel are anchored by concrete blocks and polished cement, while wooden panelling and decking give the kitchen and outdoor spaces a luxurious resort feel.
The house looks inwards, wrapping around the pool and giving each room an abundance of natural light. This also gives the family the protected feeling they were looking for; the ground floor is sheltered from the street on one side but unites freely with the outdoors on the other. The kids have a dedicated ‘rumpus room’ next to the garage, where they can leave all of their school things before coming into the house, and the family shares private living spaces upstairs, with a generous open-air balcony overlooking the pool.