Ellenbrook Pavilion

Verbana Drive, Aveley

Simple, fit-for-purpose and welcoming for all: a humble sports pavilion which the community is proud to call their own.

The Ellenbrook Pavilion houses the change rooms, storage areas, club rooms and kiosk for the adjoining synthetic playing fields – currently the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The facilities are also open for use by the wider public, with the provision of general purpose meeting rooms.


While the design is intended stand alone architecturally, we were also aware that its chief role was as a support building for the main North Pavilion. With this in mind, we developed a humble, pragmatic design which serves the community and gives them a sense of ownership of the space. Simple, hard-wearing materials will withstand daily use, while the unique roof form and bold blocks of colour give it an aspirational, welcoming aspect. The Pavilion is divided into two buildings – the club room and the change room block – connected by a low roof. This not only provides a clear distinction between the different uses of the building, but also reduces the overall size for the purposes of fire engineering – an important consideration with any public works project.


The unique raised skillion roof design delivers an elevated, ‘opening out’ quality to the civic end of the building and allows us to create a strong visual presence for the front and the spectator verandah. This helps to distinguish and clearly identify the pavilion from the roadside and car park, particularly at night, as well as assisting with wayfinding.