Farmer Residence


A modern stone, timber and iron home; a suburban sanctuary to recharge and connect with nature.

Set on a long narrow site overlooking parklands, the design comprises two pavilions within courtyard gardens. The front pavilion addresses the park with an operable screen allowing privacy into bedrooms and study whilst the rear pavilion is a living ‘cube’ and is provided with extra headroom for relaxation and contemplation. The stair and lift elements tie the pavilions together vertically and horizontally, housing kitchen/dining spaces; an extension of the lush courtyards.

Framed by a bespoke stone and iron gate, the garden entry introduces the palette of stone, glass and iron. These elements transition from outside to inside drawing the exterior in and the interior out.

Extensive use of louvred glass windows mirrors the front facade allowing for enhanced cross ventilation across the dwelling.  Passive solar orientation is ideal on the lot, minimising heat-gain whilst maximising the northern aspect for winter sun.  The long thin plan allows for effective cross-ventilation.