Hall Residence

Mosman Park, Western Australia

From a small lot on a corner block, this property raises its sail over a wall of glass to capture some of the most glorious views in the city.

Situated on a corner in Mosman Park overlooking the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht club, this home was designed to make the most of its breathtaking location. The owners wanted to enjoy the stunning views throughout the house and maintain an open, coastal feel in spite of the relatively small lot.
We began with the dramatic facade, which needed to address both faces of the corner location, both from within and without. The roof soars out over the corner balcony, with a curved underbelly echoing the sails of the yacht club. The huge windows are framed in beautiful Douglass fir, and are all double glazed to reduce street noise and improve energy efficiency inside. Our three-storey design makes use of the vertical space to maximise the views and keeps the more private areas – the family’s bedrooms and living space – far above street level. The owners are also passionate collectors of art, so we designed the courtyards and interior walls for display, with ample space and abundant natural light.
Natural stone elements give continuity to the ground floor and the outdoor areas, creating a unified space for open air entertaining. In counterpoint, WA Blackbutt timber floors give warmth to the living areas and also help to anchor and balance the glass exterior.