Kyilla House

Clieveden Street, North Perth, Western Australia

The architect was captivated by the charms of this traditional c.1928 bungalow. All it needed was a little something extra...

This unique North Perth property is situated on the corner of Kyilla Park. The original c.1928 transition Indian-Californian bungalow was very characteristic of the area, developed mostly in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and the owner wanted to modernise and reimagine the home without losing its defining style.

The design centred on the addition of a small loft extension at the rear of the existing house, to create more room and capture more of the outdoor spaces within the main structure. The sculptured shape of the new loft scoops light and air right into the heart of the plan, while complementing the traditional pitched roof form of the surrounding homes. A lot of the Art Deco elements which appealed to the owner in the original house were recreated in the addition, from the shard-like roof form to the patterning of the laser-cut porch screens and fences. This creates a sense of continuity between the old and the new, without blurring the line between them. A courtyard and a flat-roofed glazed link form a bridge between the two halves, with a Japanese maple and a Zen garden creating a peaceful centre beside the stairs.

The addition also provides for many aspects of contemporary lifestyles which the original home did not. The generous outside area offers space for entertaining and enjoying the warm WA evenings, while remaining protected from the harsh afternoon sun. A cleverly constructed study nook offers seclusion and compact storage, and the new bathroom and kitchen are built to accommodate modern technologies, with beautiful materials and clean surfaces.