Lunches Down Under

St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia

Designing a compact, proudly Australian lunch bar for one of the toughest markets in the world: the Perth CBD office crowd.

This compact lunch bar is tucked away beneath the main foyer of the Allendale Square building on St George’s Tce. It catches the walking traffic from the new pedestrian link to the underground train station – a fast-moving client base with big surges at peak times throughout the day. With a small space and discerning customers in a big hurry, the owners needed a solution which would showcase their brand at a glance, deliver speedy service and give maximum visual impact to their selection of delicious food and drinks.

Old wooden packing crates for vegetables were the initial inspiration for our design. A series of timber and stainless steel-lined benches and suspended bulkheads frame the activity of the kitchen. A slick glass display gives pride of place to the food and allows enough room for a generous selection with plenty of options. The counter also curves around to facilitate the orderly flow of service, allowing customers to find and purchase what they want as quickly as possible. The kitchen is likewise streamlined to minimise double-handling and ensure smooth workflow between preparation, cooking and cleanup.

The name ‘Lunches Down Under’ is unashamedly patriotic, so we wanted to make the space uniquely Australian as well. The walls feature a vintage floral pattern reminiscent of enlarged cross-stitch embroidery, to give the space a comfortable ‘home kitchen’ feeling. We also chose Australian timber for the fit-out, which contrasts light Victorian Ash panelling with the rich, warm tones of Queensland Walnut veneer.