Nautika Apartments

14 Nautilus Crescent, Scarborough, Western Australia

A coastal development built not just to withstand the elements, but to work in harmony with them.

Completed: Construction Due to Commence in 2016

Size: 1132m/sq

Filters: Coastal / Multi Residential / Suburban

Located on the edge of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area, Nautika Apartments is a small complex comprising eight two-bedroom units. The building faces a Public Open Space and is situated on a block with an uneven slope, offering a unique and interesting play on the different levels of the common areas.

We based our design on the clean, simple aesthetic of classic beachside living. A palette of limestone, silver and grey tones reflects the coastal location and provides the backdrop for blocks of bright colour, inspired by Victoria’s famous bathing shacks. The unique topography allowed us to provide underground parking with little extra excavation, offering maximum living space above ground and an open, uncomplicated landscaping scheme for the shared spaces.

This coastal location also presented one of the chief challenges of the design: creating a building which would both withstand the elements and work in harmony with them, in keeping with solar passive design principles. A simple, robust structure gives the building strength and offers protection from the many moods of the seaside and the harsh western sun. In counterpoint, wide balconies allow for comfortable outdoor living and cross ventilation, with adjustable screens for shade and privacy. Alongside the extensively planted grounds, these screens give Nautika a soft, textured appearance which belies its sturdy construction.

The developers intend to retain ownership of the Nautika Apartments, so individual units vary slightly in plan depending on the preference of the owners.