North Beach House

North Beach

A linear townhouse with a rich materiality borne from its coastal location, the North Beach House is a solid block carved out by courtyards.

a solid block carved out by courtyards. Sunlight and air penetrate into the heart of the home highlighting key vistas and private landscape spaces.

Concrete beach buildings and limestone are referenced through the concrete floors, breeze blocks, sand-coloured face brickwork and white rendered walls. Timber, mosaics and sheer curtains provide warmth and texture; a softness to the interior.

Breeze blocks welcome the sea breeze and layer the space in a way that a solid wall could not; maintaining privacy and providing wind-breaks – allowing airflow and light to filter deep into the home.

The home has a beautiful, calm, and simple Modernist expression with textured materials grounding it both in the landscape and coast. Carefully assembled, these elements result in a warm and welcoming home which looks and feels totally relaxing.