Ormsby Terrace Beach House

San Remo

Transforming a dated holiday home into a luxurious beach house, with room for the whole family and endless views across the Indian Ocean.

This beachfront block in San Remo had been a beloved family holiday home for many years. The owners loved the seaside location but wanted a more modern beach house which reflected their love of entertaining and the active lifestyle of their growing family.

The first job was to remove the existing 70’s home, which was badly dated and made poor use of the site. The new design was clean and contemporary, taking the endless ocean views as its starting point. Grand open living areas spill out into a wide balcony overlooking the beach, and we ensured that every bedroom has a view by staggering their positions in the plan. The laid-back holiday feeling the owners wanted was balanced with a luxury aesthetic and the best in modern technology. To future-proof the house we also included a lift, with glass elements which allow ocean views as it rises to the top floor.

Our design also accounts for the many moods of the coastal location. A fixed glass screen shields the south-western end of the balcony from the strong sea-breeze, while allowing the family to enjoy unimpeded ocean views. Deep overhangs and adjustable laser-cut screens offer protection from the sun, with round porthole elements adding a nautical feel. Green-tinted glass in the windows offers additional sun protection and recalls the crystalline hues of the Indian Ocean on a clear WA day.

We used a combination of natural drystone walling and timber to add warmth to the more modern concrete, glass and stainless steel of the structure. The colour palette throughout the building continues the contemporary beach-house feel, with neutral tones reminiscent of sand, shell and driftwood, accented with blue and aqua. Outside, the home has a generous yard with plenty of room for entertaining – and a custom-designed mini-golf course to boot.

Proudly built by cassari-group-logo