Ross Avenue Residence


A unique collaboration transforms a steeply sloping block into a minimalist masterpiece.

This project was designed in collaboration with Bacic Group builders. They had developed some concepts with the clients, who were looking for a minimalist beach house which still had the design daring to stand out in an already impressive Sorrento neighbourhood. A multi-generational family, theirs was a home that would always be full of people, and they wanted it to be open and welcoming without compromising privacy.

Our design gives the home a gallery feel, allowing generously scaled living spaces while maintaining a sense of seclusion away from the main circulation areas. The three-level plan presented numerous challenges in gaining council approval, but some clever design and a terraced approach towards the rear of the property helped to streamline the process, as well as balancing the steep slope of the block. We achieved a true minimalist aesthetic with careful resolution of the plan – walls align so that the window, skirting and cornice junctions disappear. This gives a grand, spacious feeling to the living spaces without overpowering them, and provides a ‘blank canvas’ to which the family can add their own character and sense of style.

A seamless indoor-outdoor flow was a key feature the owners wanted; they were looking for a beach house which gave them a holiday lifestyle feel with all the comforts of a modern family home. Openings are positioned to maximise northern sun exposure in winter, and every room in the house soaks in views of the Indian Ocean. We set the outdoor living areas back from the main planes of the structure in a series of decks, terraces, balconies and courtyards, allowing privacy without the need for screening in the direction of the view. Custom details, including the staircase, oversized front doors and entry bridge, added the finishing touches to this unique family home.

Proudly built by  bacicgroup