Tan Residence

Meadow Springs, Western Australia

A bunker-style sanctuary helped these owners find a unique place to call home, in the middle of WA’s vast southern suburbs.

Completed: 2002

Size: 208m/sq

Awards: RAIA WA Chapter Architecture Awards 2004, Single Residential Award - Commendation

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Far removed from the city, this property was a new build in the middle of the vast suburban expanse between Perth and Mandurah. Our unique ‘bunker’ design is a reflection of the owners’ desire for a protective sanctuary – not only from the coastal elements, but also from the emptiness of the landscape around them, which was very stark at the time.
We designed the whole front of the house to lean back at seven degrees, with the side wall and roof following suit. This gives the home a look of braced solidity from the outside, and a sheltered, secure feeling inside. Beyond this fortress-like facade, the home opens up completely, ending in a wall of glass which floods the main living areas with morning light. The upper level soars with high ceilings and unimpeded vistas of the sky, while the view from the master bedroom feels like a private window on the neighbouring golf course, framed with natural wood panelling.
Outside, we created a landscaped, water-wise garden as a unique space for entertaining. Continuous flooring unites the lower level with the alfresco, and the outdoor area is broken up into ordered segments defined by colour and texture: paving, lawn and gravel. Inspired by traditional formal and zen gardens, it offers the owners a place to enjoy the peace of their natural environment, in contrast to its superficial harshness.

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