The Sewing Room


The underground club where the music is the star, and there’s always a Singer in the house.

This old industrial space didn’t immediately reveal its potential. Situated off Wolf Lane underneath the old Pierucci building, it originally housed the clothing company’s bustling nerve centre of pattern-makers and seamstresses. The building’s new owners saw the opportunity to create not just a new bar, but a unique venue which would bring live local music back to the heart of the city.

The owners wanted to celebrate the story of the space, which was already evident in the beautiful skeleton of the old sewing room. We kept the exposed pipes and brickwork, visible ducting and the steel supports of the old factory. Half of the work was maintaining and highlighting the patina which spoke of the building’s history. Rather than concealing the age of the space, new additions enhanced it with a raw, undecorated aesthetic.

Our design was built around the music. More than the venue’s standout features – including a decadent Krug champagne vault – the music will define the Sewing Room. Acoustics and stage presence were a consideration in every decision. There were of course challenges in transforming such an old space into a premier live music venue. Originally constructed for a very different purpose, the Sewing Room needed significant upgrades in terms of fire safety, hydraulics, ventilation, toilets and sound proofing.

The result is a one-of-a-kind live music venue which is not truly ‘new’ or ‘old’, but a compelling combination of the two. The hum of sewing machines has become the vibrant beat of Perth’s world-class local music scene.