Throssell Street Residence


An inner-city home with sky-high ambition and a view across the treetops.

The owners of this compact Perth block fell in love with its location, tucked in among the Federation-style homes next to idyllic Hyde Park. A multi-generational family, they wanted a low-maintenance home with a sense of space and a real connection to both the leafy park and the city lights.

Our three-floor design is built around the central concept of the faceted, sculptural roof form. Clad in charcoal-toned steel sheeting, its peaks and falls reference the familiar gable and hip roof forms of the surrounding homes. At the eastern end of the house, the roof facets up above the open-plan living, study and balcony areas, giving the front of the house a sense of elevation and opening these areas up to the glorious WA blue sky. It also offers views of the Hyde Park tree canopy and city skyline, while sheltering the home from the worst of the summer sun on the south side.

We knew immediately that the inner-city block would bring its own challenges. The lot adjoins with neighbours on three sides, with rear laneway access. Aware of the potential for this to create a ‘boxed-in’ feeling, we maximised the available space by digging out a basement level, with a wine cellar and a ‘den’ for the owners’ young adult son. The deep excavation necessitated close negotiation with all three neighbours as well as the diversion of the existing sewer line servicing the front house. Our final solution involved injecting soil stabilisers and prefabricating steel elements to cope with the tight access.

The finished home perfects the balance the owners were looking for. Every space is bright and open, bringing natural light even to the deep interior of the basement level via steel catwalk grates. Glare and hot afternoon sun – not to mention privacy on the compact block – are effectively managed with switch-glass panels, careful placement of windows, overhangs and screens. The neutral palette of the interiors was the finishing touch, bringing a sense of effortless space to the home, with Carrara marble and the warmth of pale oak.