Union Street Residence

North Perth, Western Australia

The owners of this subdivided North Perth lot wanted a sustainable home that was everything they love about art: beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply personal.

Completed: 2014

Size: 240m/sq

Awards: DIA WA 2015 Awards, Interior Spaces – Professional, Residential - Award of Merit | Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter Mondoluce Lighting Award 2015 | Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter Commendation - Single Residential Architecture 2015 | Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter Commendation - Small Project Architecture 2015 | Australian Trends International Design Awards Winner Best Australian Architect-designed Master Suite 2015 | City of Vincent Building Design & Conservation Awards 2015 Building Design Excellence Award, Single Dwelling – Winner Also commended for Sustainable Design

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Architect Joe Chindarsi’s own home, this property was subdivided from a small block in North Perth. Situated in an area built predominantly in the 1920’s, the new lot was compact at 207sqm, another example of the move towards higher density living in Perth. The architect and his partner wanted the home to reflect the role of design and art in their lives; a house that wasn’t just a beautiful place to live, but an expression of home as art.

The Deco-era surroundings inspired the design from the beginning. The industrial motifs and angular patterns of Art Deco are present in the saw-tooth roof style, which scoops natural light and air into the living spaces as well as providing north-facing platforms for solar panels. The shard-like shapes of the internal spaces are also a nod to iconic crystalline Deco forms, echoed in the laser-cut metal screens over the east balcony and entry, which offer a sheltered space for the family to enjoy the afternoon shade. Joe and his partner also gave careful consideration to the location of walls in relation to natural and artificial light, in order to display their own beautiful collection of art. Thick walls and window niches effectively guide natural light into the interior spaces, creating a soft, filtered effect much like a gallery.

The choice of materials was very important, as were the home’s sustainability credentials. Heavy concrete, granite and face-brick, with their own industrial beauty, form the bones of the structure, contrasting with Deco-style crystalline white marble, solid timber, glass and brass elements. The result is a stunning home which is – just like art – beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply personal. The architect’s investment in sustainable technologies as part of the build also earned the home an 8.5 NatHERS rating; the house is completely self-sufficient for energy and collects a substantial portion of its own water requirements.

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